What do you do when everything you know becomes a lie?
How can you fear what you once loved?
Where is the line between friends and enemies drawn?
When is it okay to trust again?
Why can't I seem to please you?

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger;
I'm not gonna take it any longer,
Its time to take back control of my life.
~I'm gonna be happy someday.

Ashley. Sophomore. My friends mean the absolute world to me and I'm confident that they would do anything for me and the feeling is mutual. I am absolutely infatuated with everything musical. My favorite bands include Paramore, New Found Glory, Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, Cash Cash and so many more. I'm a pretty laid back person who loves to have a good time. <3<br /> Everyone hurts and everyone suffers. Some worse, some not so bad. A lot of innocent people have horrible things happen to them for no good reason. I believe in learning from these experiences and using them to your advantage to make you....